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tv   Breaking the Set  RT  July 19, 2014 7:29am-8:01am EDT

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there should be no stupid nadia. awkward to just. focus on my look to function of us to muscle work option. of. course look on the floor should you own the role of religion who we should. work for. yes he'll. actually be a good model that's going to. have a good moods and we're not so nice swayed do you get your flu you used to ski. you said. yes the lord saw. on company of what i knew every in there. sure.
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of the struggle believed to get only so we still struggle slow a bit to proceed but national champs and he's a legend i'm going to disney when you see him i didn't go to city today but i'm in nashville similar to when there's a new year but if the p.c. give it back to hutch to the. streets in six months he. could take the good. even he's pretty good to see people. you know how best or most of the similar has to you first because a short sword is a misnomer but your civil right coupled with these. mighty. little stones are your. just. put your finger. rule should get
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any color leave the scene rule. you don't. it's pretty bold you just response i mean you used that last guy. if you wanted to. trade should. a new story to. the great. east why you cut out. the guy in the. bible that. he didn't just discard the initials of. movies and. i'm a homebody but you move in your. chest you claim he
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. didn't but when you got. to. be doing things that he just did you do you think you would not be able. to. use me. for. first move. place knew what is in your.
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you know the state. system on that one doesn't mean you know what is on. the books you. know when the documents that rush on. the road were years ago that means they don't come out with a stranger i guess they will still say the plane. number is laurin. sydney and you've been down this nice couple a bunch their yachts. yeah you did you would. just be. anything. you could you'd need new leadership. model have been with us the senior year which has been in the stimulus that there's just been beaten. up
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staring you in a bun b. did you think it was just an interview. in the digital. say. the blue sky but it's a. couple plays right into the deputy that she has already gone russell screw. scrutiny screw bends. the day might be discussed on the or if he's cute when i see is there no water there straight away to put him with one. of their pull up for a status report nobody will be able to a lot of us no idea it's going. no i just we're going to receive after you weren't
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sure yet sort of because if anybody will i know plenty of the nuts on deal with the washington see it a little shill for. the political about the what if it's. a chorus and going to special john show for them for. the. rich what i want to kind of look it up and i was eager to almost all. racial cultural political to go for it it's going to. help us a lot of the. things that you feel like i'm. not going. to let you know it's been since. you started i was going to get it all.
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in one day get at least one other human or do you want to run smooth enough i'm going to take a lot of stuff that they're going to. throw up so we're going to subordinate all software or something just to put our ideas to denounce that that it's yours and that's that or the students. shifted to the city or scrabble into this and i still wouldn't want to show you from home viciousness even if you spoke with this president. look it's not just going to push through but sure but still could be is in so clumsy that we switch on the chip to your cup i would hear you maybe we should just go to a pretty good edition you spent maybe you didn't follow the chinese bikini but she would get you a cup where you go there waiting for a month so you don't get that lick you played you know if you did as you showed supreme you know in the book to go through all of that that's what. it's. such.
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mean if he is. already benefiting the much of. any country. he is. sure that she seeks here. for. some.
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so. you need to be. worse the.
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skipper you. or. i think i. said that right now with the just getting. it which you. sure. know they've now been in the gym. and in the us. a little. bigger than you. were when it was this was. disclosed to you but. this proceeded to put it.
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on you. but but they had. so why did a quite a kid has a. right to swing it putting the whole. deficit . no smiles and phone still goes on the clients because of the launch and you thought
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so were books that your post was up who could use them when you would seem i could whip up the rules none of the. scot of me was a bit out of the. small study so i usually would you need to go study and up on the name which is a couple of you do you need you will use. something. cheap as a consequence when you push d.j. sure who's at the water mills a but i choose the new you. move the postal votes on top of posts.
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this is about making the business survive. corporations don't love corporations still hate corporations have no feeling. corporations don't care about you or me corporations only care about profit and. people come to untouched forests and leave massively for the state come on. we're not going to quit we will not stop until it is done what is more precious music more moon. series of a couple of pieces try to. see people going to be. more.
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like for instance you're preaching every minute. of the time a no no law no weapon. of my own life but hey. let's say. these cases have to meet women. sometimes for nothing which. is silly and simple it's just. it's not just he still can still be jobst if you see a stage eight looking to see what's the deal was that. we chase profit very large very attractive and now very globally recognized source
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of oil for the world into the future the world's cheapest and best petroleum deposits have been mined out we have to use more energy to get this energy industries grow like a cancer in each of these squares ten kilometers where. and goods whole area is slated to be made that's your drinking water that's our wildlife service that's your fisheries we can't stop this is the end game when it takes a true tons of sand to make one barrel of oil you know here at the bottom of the mine and that's where we're at. the chill ourselves. what's unique in fish farms waters do you have a problem because. i say spread all over and over is the most toxic food you have a new low during concerts drowns out an official inquiry furthermore tells
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restrictions. on the land and. who really knows what's inside the feeling of fish. man. but. you. know mr blewitt let's insist.
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on the shooting. occurred on your. program. you could.
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push a lismore. macgames. all last. week. they you know the footage will never sounded. unusual not exactly. but she knew for sure solution. to push those doors to the cost of the new bio they say she is a good all music could mean story the summer loads of the bach noir story. but you are clinging.
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to him if she's just beginning you put a chord so. well it's just so the feeling. you would do to get a good look presidential motor. we are. doing is at the. back. what more you produce the. more it would be better within your disguise in your budget to. newsnight. i mean your book was no words when you were a mama but it is rather a tricky thing to do just the way to. this no sure we could be. rude you. know what there is a. lot of you know crimes where one. of
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these i'm gonna have to decide. which molineux these days. is but i'm usually above it in. the subset of what how does the issue. why not the. swings and the days. one word i think.
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you know it's not i'm. very clear. thank you ninety five gave them. one couple of questions but. for now but as each minute i do a little bubble boy. uses did for me was from been included in my view. to me of the scissor sisters up from them at the first season most of the singers. of the city virtually. worthless assume the usually. only one bucket list of things but this is just a joy to the source to know that he lives on the side i do know i'm wishing the situational for him since he knew none of the rights of my music should you try to
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become weak nice little boys for them but the funny of the words the needs of. the fellow are so that's the point you when you come up with the. cut off the island i love them i do love em but we get what it is that that what we said we would say it that it had to say you think i'm just a little hung up your knowledge i don't think you missed the out the one you got then you don't get it out of them to me and it doesn't. need to let me hear that you made me give a shit but now you know i'm going to be. somewhat low budget with the puffed up to the doom of see my love to deal with the still a bit stiff but if we get it but the most bills believe it is we budgeted for the want you but those hopes to ship it to you to hold. it in. a member well below. par with the. but assume the ability to judge your
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creditors believe that the good of the sentence yes she would be very deep remember the magic touch and the actual. no no it is what got me done nothing to me understand. that you should. just accept the bible that you should take the good old man except you to. get what you get if they don't think that it would be a good dog with them gave a shit about the money because they should be it would a widget or they should receive general that they did but at the church because she said she would it wish. her the way. i don't want to save the children but won't give it to you about what they did to film
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a show so in your head you must mother these delicious then you would look what you want dark moon which of you is if you are more than bill shills i think both sides yes then move with both when you get to show him you know he was really good. would you mind if i didn't i'd give. me a long slow with a new phone and longs to mock god of god though you credit but much any someone has the been big dumb ol fullness to salute you me illness can lead you would someone to tell me about the new prelaunch lodge and do you think i need some from is not that the would you can walk i speak of would you. need. a saw chest to poach but only just me that is but the monks on the dusty do. show us just some model to bundy and maybe jimmy would you know some of them been the liberal fools to prevent them in the gym pool chat suddenly penny stu's just shot in the shuffle chance and
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move in with my men squinted you jason. below. a bunch of these are. from the. american. government not. the new beginnings of just gospel it really. is a puzzle it was done with the gaming and what was it mostly due to. it but i used it that is there would be what was the one you buy you were did not worth it did seem awesome. oh. yeah.
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we don't believe you. after all you know my own now list. for jim. and i'm going to be to needle it down. to the jews dine yeah. some additional dollar just off my computer we didn't go down with. but he has to get you. know for their families. i mean what you might have.
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a family with a deputy would have to get. mine yet. because of that you mustn't. go in school who needs a wood chipper your family. to go when your cup of skiing shows them that icy skates so a lot of money. what's the.
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it's idealized to be. more spots of could relaunch of what. they want she is sick of us not to be strong with another mother at the risk. of a billion on some but we hope she'll spend. org . thank you. oh. you're young but it's
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a great cringe cut out of me but you're saying how does she know what of but you want it done must us three little words but the shimmer deal with them but in me i knew. him is to do with them what i would say. when you post and i don't. but you will talk about. it till someone will laugh at you with the mosque you know you're born but you it in your heart just for the good of the husband been a process of where you want to go in the guard duty. you learn you for a job and for me don't you feel if we harness the word of a. brit you will finish throughout your sleeve but i'm so i'm going to sit it out.
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i wonder if allegations of propaganda also represent a form of propaganda because what you do is essentially diligent to my i think the force without looking at the context without looking at this. piece and that's what i think is a real problem i think political calls into play which distorted the recall to. be a crime crisis some. on the left maybe one side. you clearly feel more lost you know i'm i'm basically sourcing the whole of the reporting. and i think there's a need for their fall down upon the discussion about. something i think the afghans are invincible they're too independent minded they love freedom
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. they don't want to see foreigners in their country and will fight to guerilla war till the end. as international experts scour the scene of a malaysian plane disaster in eastern ukraine accusations of counter accusations of made but the e.u. says it remains unclear what brought the aircraft down. families and communities mourn the victims of the tragedy with people from at least ten countries among the dead most of them citizens. and more questions than answers r.t. talks to aviation experts to find out what's behind many oddities of the fatal routes that brought the malaysian boeing over the war in eastern ukraine. plus while the world.


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